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Euromex ST.1760 D-stand


Euromex ST.1760 D-stand

Art. N.º: E001712
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Euromex ST.1760 D-stand

• This stand is suitable for examining gemstones, contact lenses and other transparent objects
• Low base with standrod, 210 mm, 20 mm diameter
• Adjustable objectclamp AE.5446
• Focusing mechanism: F-holder for stereo head
• Iluminación: - darkfield attachment AE.1878 has been fitted into the base - flexible light condoctor 4 mm diameter with cold light source 100 watt, ref. LE.5210
• Dimensions stand: 240x150x260 mm
• Supplementarry illuminators for incident illumination: - a single-arm fibre optic light conductor is available, see fibre light conductors, LE.5246 - additional cold light source LE.5210 with various fibre optic light conductors - Fluorescence illuminator LE.1860

Miscellaneous accessories:
• object stage of transparent glass AE.1881
• black/white stage plate AE.1882
• round object stage AE.1884
• object stage to fit on AE.1871
• halogen bulb 12 volt, 100 watt for LE.5210, ref. SL.5219 or SL.5230